Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Two sides of unionism

I see Dr Evil...oops I mean Dr Paisley (always get those two mixed up) has started raising question marks about the two church witnesses who were involved in the recent act of decommissiong undertaken by the IRA.

He said the two church witnesses to disarmament were "IRA nominated" and his party now wants to meet them.

I find it very unfortunate that Paisley has adopted this tactic. It was to be expected that he would find fault with the decommissioning process but it's a shame he has brought the two churchmen into the equation.

That's why I applaud the UUP's Danny Kennedy for calling Dr Ev...uh Paisley up on this matter.

"It is a sad situation that other parties today have cast aspersions on the character and integrity of the two witnesses to IRA decommissioning," said Mr Kennedy.

"It is wrong to question the honesty and integrity of the church witnesses to IRA decommissioning. It is deeply regrettable that others have decided to do so. Questioning their bona fides serves no purpose whatsoever."

Well said Mr Kennedy. I think this is a good example of the two faces of unionism.

On the one hand, we have Mr Kennedy of the UUP. A party that is understandably sceptical about the IRA's intentions. Indeed, their former leader, David Trimble, was let down when the Provos dilly-dallied on the decommissioning issue. Yet despite their anxiety about the matter of decommissioning, they appear eager to want what's best for Ireland's north.

On the other hand however, we have Big Ian. A man who it seems will find any old excuse to disrupt proceedings. A man who has said the word 'no' all through his political life. People seem fed up with negativity though at this stage. But is Paisley?

I hope that Mr Kennedy will represent a willing and forward thinking aspect of unionism. Unionism which wants economic, political and social stability. And as for Paisley, I find it quite odd that a man who claims to be a man of faith, can have so much...well, doubt.


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