Wednesday, September 28, 2005


UI's Celtic Mythology - Scathach

Scathach (whose name means "shadowy") was a warrior-princess in the Land of Shadows and tutor in the martial arts. One myth recounts that her most famous pupil was the Ulster hero Cuchulainn. She taught him his famous battle leap and gave him the spear named Gae-Bolg ("Belly-spear"). Although it made a singular wound on entry, once inside the body of one of Cuchulainn's enemies, thirty barbs opened to tear the stomach apart. Uathach, the daughter of Scathach, was Cuchulainn's mistress during his year of training, and was unhappy that he wanted to fight her sister Aoifa. In the event, Cuchulainn was able to defeat Aoifa by trickery and made her his next mistress.

Damn! Cuchulainn went through practically the whole family!


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