Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Fury over heckler treatment

Have you heard about this story? I just found out about it on ITV. It seems Labour are taking a real no-nonsense approach to hecklers - even octogenerian ones!

Walter Wolfgang, 82, from London, was ejected from Labour's conference hall after shouting "nonsense" as Foreign Secretary Jack Straw defended Iraq policy.

Delegate Carol Hayton protested during a later debate that Mr Wolfgang had been "manhandled".

She was told conference organisers were investigating the incident and would report on Thursday.

A man sitting next to Mr Wolfgang was also thrown out after complaining about his treatment.

A Labour Party spokesman said: "Following a disturbance in the visitors' balcony, two people were escorted out, having been asked three times to be quiet."

According to ITV, Labour have since apologised to Mr Wolfgang about his treaatment which they have acknowledged was over the top.

I am glad that they have apologised. If you saw the video footage you'd see that the steward's behaviour was totally unnecessary. An elderly gentleman should not be treated in such a manner.

As nice as it is that the Labour party are trying to bring democracy to the people of Iraq, it would be even nicer if they were to respect the democratic rights of their own party members!


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