Wednesday, September 28, 2005


'What If'? Wednesday - Dismissive DUP

The events of the last few days have put Republicans firmly in the spotlight. However, the group which will be firmly in the spotlight from now on as far as the north of Ireland is concerned, will be the DUP. We have all heard the bluster of DUP leader Ian Paisley of late but the DUP have been smart enough not to dismiss the idea of sharing a devolved assembly with Sinn Fein just yet. To do so would see them feel the wrath of the British people, the Irish people and possibly every political party on the island of Ireland. But the question still remains and permit me to ask it...

What if the DUP refuses to share power with the IRA out of the picture?

What happens if the IMC's next reports state that the IRA have indeed gotten their act together but yet the DUP continue to dismiss the idea of devolved government? What then?

Would the idea of of Joint Authority be one step too far? I think it would. Whilst I would have no problem with Joint Authority and whilst I feel it would force the DUP to rethink its position, I feel it would be hard to sell the idea to the unionist community who could quite possibly vent their frustration through force.

What do you think though? If the DUP continue to be dismissive and rejectionist, what should be done about it?


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