Sunday, September 18, 2005


Sunday Scrutiny - Anti-war protesters

I can't stand anti-war protesters. I've no problem with people who oppose the war in Iraq but I take issue with these self-righteous, anti-American PC types who, when not mooching money from their parents so they can go get pissed in college, are off moaning, whingeing and disrupting our way of life with these moronic anti-war protests about Bush and Blair being war criminals and how Ireland should be ashamed of itself for allowing the US military the use of Shannon Airport.

What a load of bollocks.

Imagine my surprise then to learn that next Saturday, September 24th, there is to be a national demonstration at Shannon calling for the US military to be denied access to the airport.

I managed to catch a glimpse of one of their leaflets and I read how you can ring the anti-war protesters up and go on a bus journey with them, sadly not to a lunatic asylum, but to Shannon airport itself.

I'm not sure if you have to bring your own weed or not, it didn't say.

I vehemently oppose this protest as you have probably gathered and I will be disgusted at the inevitable anti-American demonstrations which we will bear witness to next week. Let any American reading this know that these contemptible people do not reflect the feelings of the Irish nation as a whole.

The leaflet I saw, stated: US Military Out Of Shannon!

I say: Anti-war Protesters Out Of Shannon!

And why not out of Ireland to boot? Perhaps they could go to Iraq and join the insurgents since they hate Americans and liberty so much.

It's hard to really put a label though on these people, who are mostly young types, particularly since these demonstrations are often organised by various groups and organisations. That's why I have come up with my own term for them. Ready?

Pussies Against Nurturing Statehood Youth or PANSY for short.

Over the week here on United Irelander, you will witness PANSY Watch as I give my views on these pot-smoking, beer-swilling, insurgent arse-kissing buffoons.

God bless America!


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