Friday, September 16, 2005


Orange Order lose the plot

The SDLP has condemned apparent plans by the Orange Order to apply for a re-run of last Saturday's contentious parade in west Belfast.

The order is reportedly planning to lodge an application with the Parades Commission seeking permission to march through a nationalist area.

Last Saturday's parade, which was banned from the nationalist Springfield Road, was followed by three nights in intense loyalist rioting that left dozens of PSNI officers injured.

SDLP councillor Tim Atwood said today that it was "madness" for anyone to seek a re-run of the contentious march given the amount of violence it sparked at the weekend."

What we need is a period of calm and peace," he said. "Everybody wants law and order on the streets of Belfast, not further disorder."

I have to say, I find this extraordinary. I have come to the conclusion that the Orange Order are either one of the most depraved, vicoius and thoroughly evil organisations on the island of Ireland...or else they're stark raving bonkers. I suspect it is the former with a dash of the latter.

So yesterday they announced they wanted to march through the nationalist Garvaghy Road on Christmas Day, today they announce they want to march through the area that they and their loyalist friends terrorised last week.

This is just crazy and will likely lead to more officers being injured and more people getting hurt.

Do unionists honestly believe this organisation is a force for good in the island of Ireland?


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