Friday, September 16, 2005


Things can only get better...not

Just when I thought things couldn't posssibly get any more depressing...they do.

I see that representatives of the Love Ulster campaign are planning a huge demonstration in Belfast next month.

Victims’ groups, Orangemen and loyalist bands are all set to take part in the October 29 march.

Organisers have insisted the gathering will be peaceful but the SDLP have warned it could lead to new trouble.

"It’s the height of irresponsibility to bring large crowds on to the streets of Belfast in the present circumstances," said the SDLP's Alban Magennis.

"It’s dangerous and can only lead to further community tensions in the build-up to this particular march.

"Police resources are bound to be put under further strain and this will create a climate of fear.

"It’s pure nihilism. It’s an aimless protest for protest’s sake.

"There’s no political objective on the horizon, and no political objective will be achieved."

The campaign has already sent out 200,000 copies of a free newspaper declaring "Ulster in Crisis" across Northern Ireland, with loyalist paramilitaries openly involved in the deliveries.

I agree with Mr Magennis. I can't see what the purpose of this protest is, other than to stoke up tension.

I'm also deeply disappointed that even after the recent loyalist violence, the Orange Order is still very much a part of the loyalist's Love Ulster campaign.

They're causing alot of fear and unease in a province that they claim to 'love'.

Do we all just sit idly by and let this happen then?


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