Saturday, September 17, 2005


So much love...

Since the 'Love Ulster' campaign is in the news again due to their plans for a huge demonstration in Belfast next month, I thought I'd see what this week's message of peace, love and goodwill towards men was from those adorable chaps at the Love Ulster site. Check out this inspiring piece entitled 'catholics/republicans' by 'loughy larneloyal':

"is it just me or have you noticed that catholics/republicans always have to have there way or no way? they never condemn sinnfein of which the world no`s they are the ira. they can never see the protestant side of the story and just dont want n.ireland to be peacefull.. how long is it going to take b4 they realize that marching is a big part of the protestant culture and it will never go away, the parades arnt gona kill any1, but all this nonsense of concerned res c**p is gona end up in warfare..can the nat comm not accm the parades for 3-4months of the year? is it so big an issue?"

What thoughtful and heartfelt sentiments towards the Catholic people. Sniff.

Oh and before I forget, in a poll called "Do you support the Loyalist Riots?" 52% of the people voted 'Yes'.

Ah, so much love...


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