Friday, September 16, 2005


Loyalists at it again!

Police came under attack from loyalist rioters in north Belfast on Thursday night.

During fresh trouble a crowd of 150 hurled petrol bombs, bricks, bottles and other missiles at police in the Forthriver Road area.

Officers responded by dousing the crowds with water cannons, said a police spokeswoman.

A car was hijacked and set on fire and one person arrested for hijacking whilst a lorry which had been hijacked earlier was recovered before it was torched.

The area was later reported to be "calm".

The area would be even more calm if key figures in the unionist community would show some leadership and tackle these loyalist thugs.

Sadly, as the events of last week have shown, unionism right now is quite bereft of leadership. Not too surprising considering the voice of unionism is being led by one of the biggest bigots in Irish history.

My heart goes out to northern nationalists right now but I also feel very sorry for unionists. There is a shocking level of cowardice within the unionist community and it's a real shame.


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