Thursday, September 01, 2005


The SDLP have no sense...of humour

A young SDLP Councillor, Colum Eastwood, has blasted Sinn Fein saying they have 'cheapened the cause of Irish unity and the cause of eradicating third world poverty in one cynical swoop'.

Mr Eastwood is referring to Sinn Fein's 'Make Partition History' t-shirts which I first spotted on Res Publica here.

I happen to think that it's quite clever and funny but Mr Eastwood clearly does not:

"I wonder how much of the profits Sinn Fein makes from their shirts will be donated to the Make Poverty History Campaign which they have blatantly ripped off.

"This fund raising effort cheapens the cause of uniting Ireland which they supposedly support and the cause of alleviating world poverty.

"The thousands of people on this island who support Irish unity and the campaign to end world poverty will be disappointed by this selfish fundraising stunt. Sinn Fein are willing to exploit the serious issue of third world debt to swell the party coffers. It is simply a disgrace."

Janey Mac, calm down! It seems Colum Eastwood has a sense of humour akin to his namesake Clint.

Like I said I think the t-shirts are clever and I wouldn't object to wearing one. It's certainly alot better than some of the other shirts Sinn Fein have sold in the past.

I think the SDLP need to relax. Since I've come up with an idea for a t-shirt slogan already this week, I thought I'd do another one for the SDLP. How about a humorous take on Nokia's slogan:

The SDLP - Correcting people


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