Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Ripped off and fobbed off!

I came across this nice letter in the Irish Examiner:

"I find it amazing that senior ministers still refuse to accept the reality that is rip-off Ireland — although if I was earning over E100,000 per year, plus expenses, maybe I wouldn’t see a problem either.

"If these ministers tried living on a quarter of their salaries, or less, they might realise how suffocating this price free-for-all really is."

Gordon Kennedy

Dublin 4

Agreed! It seems that the programme on RTE fronted by Eddie Hobbs, Rip off Republic, which details Ireland's obscene rip-off culture, has caused some concern of late. It's a shame that in this country, it takes a TV show to highlight the problems that we face!

Nevertheless hopefully this programme will lead to something being done about the pathetic prices we have to pay for our products.

As I believe I've mentioned before, they should start selling t-shirts which say:

"My friend went to Ireland and all he could afford was this lousy t-shirt!"

Reasonably priced, of course!


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