Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Free education?

Have you read the figures by the Hibernian insurance firm regarding the cost of putting a child through primary and secondary school?

According to a survey done by the company, children who go to school for the first time this week will have cost their parents more than €21,000 by the time they complete their exams in 13 years' time.

It said this was an increase of 38% on the figure of €16,300 that emerged from a similar survey two years ago.

Hibernian claimed that, on average, parents would have to pay for 20 school trips, 52 shirts or blouses, 39 pairs of trousers or skirts, 26 jumpers and 26 pairs of shoes.

The company also said that a further four years in college could end up costing parents a further €30,000.

I smell BS on this one. I refuse to believe that putting a child through primary and secondary school, and indeed college, could cost that much.


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