Monday, September 19, 2005


Poor health stubbed out

Pub and restaurant workers are up to 40% healthier since the smoking ban was introduced according to new research presented at the European Respiratory Society Meeting in Copenhagen.

The study, undertaken by doctors at Trinity College Dublin, is the first to measure pollution levels before and after the introduction of the smoking ban.

Over 80 bar staff and 40 pubs were surveyed and the results indicate dramatic benefits for all.

The levels of harmful particles in the air was shown to have been reduced by 70% since the ban was introduced in March 2004, while the lung function of the barmen surveyed showed a 30% increase.

I think this is great news and vindicates the decision by this country to ban smoking in the workplace.

Hopefully this will send a message to the detractors that they were wrong to oppose the measure, and hopefully other countries will follow Ireland's lead and introduce total smoking bans in the workplace.


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