Saturday, September 10, 2005


Loyalists cause carnage

Following on from my previous post which signalled some optimism for this island, I regret to inform visitors to this site who may be unfamiliar with Ireland that loyalists are causing absolute carnage and mayhem here on the streets of Ireland's north.

The BBC has reported that shots have been fired at police and a civilian injured by a blast bomb thrown during loyalist rioting relating to the rerouted Whiterock parade.

Water canon and plastic bullets were used against loyalist petrol bombers who attacked police and soldiers. Four officers were reported injured. The security forces came under sustained attack by several hundred loyalist rioters on West Circular Road.

Earlier, a number of children were left badly shocked after a bus driving along the street was hit with bottles and stones.

A window was smashed and one passenger said some people on board panicked and were screaming in terror.

"It's hard to tell for sure whether anyone's hurt because so many people panicked and got off the bus. They were screaming and yelling," he said.

"It was obvious to me that a number of the children were in shock."

Several roads were blocked in what a DUP councillor said was "disgust" over a ban on the parade.

Ian Paisley said: "The Parades Commission are to blame for the mess that has been created."

Sinn Fein councillor Fra McCann said the trouble could have been avoided if the Orangemen had talked to Springfield Road residents.

On Friday night, a senior police officer said he feared loyalist paramilitaries could cause trouble at the march.

After a request by unionists on Friday, the Parades Commission reviewed its ruling on the Whiterock Parade, but did not change it.

Ladies and gentleman, the loyalists are out of control! Paisley is pathetic trying to lay the blame on the Parades Commission. He ought to lay the blame on the loyalist scum who have run amok and attacked officers and civilians as well as children.

Who can stop the loyalists now?


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