Friday, September 09, 2005


Pass the sick bag...

Have you heard the news? Irish people have a very positive view of the European Union, according to a report published today by the European Commission's Irish office.

Oh joy!

The report said 87% of Irish respondents to a Eurobarometer poll earlier this year believed the country had benefited from EU membership.

Seventy-five per cent also said they believed EU membership was a good thing.

First of all, I think these questions give pretty obvious answers. Even I would concede that the country has benefited from EU membership. As for believing EU membership is a good thing, well that depends. In what context? It's not good if it involves eroding our national sovereignty which is currently what they're trying to do with their EU Constitution. Why didn't the European's Commission's Irish office ask Irish people for their opinions on the rejection of the EU Constitution in France and Holland?

Interestingly, just 27% of respondents said they were aware of the contents of the proposed EU constitution and 50% said they had no opinion on the document!

Hmm. How can they make judgements on the EU without having an understanding of the constitution or an opinion on it?

The EU Constitution will bring about the destruction of Irish independence if it comes to fruition. It must be fought tooth and nail as it was in France and Holland. The reality is, it should be dead already.


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