Saturday, September 10, 2005


Fantastic News

I am delighted at the news that a new symbol commemorating the contribution of Irish soldiers in the First World War has been unveiled.

The symbol, a poppy with a shamrock centre, was launched at a special cross-border service of remembrance at the Island of Ireland Peace Park in Belgium.

More than 50,000 soldiers from Ireland lost their lives in World War One.

Former Donegal TD Paddy Harte unveiled the new symbol at the scene, and expressed his hope that the new poppy would be universally accepted and recognised as a symbol of remembrance for the Irish war dead.

I think this is a fantastic development. It is shameful the way this state has disowned the men who fought in the two World Wars, especially World War 1.

The poppy isn't worn by most Irish people during Remembrance Day celebrations but hopefully this new poppy will put an end to that and will herald a new era in which we can show pride in our brave men who fought in the two World Wars.

They became victims of historical events and later, ignorance. We can't change the past but we can do something about the ignorance here in the present and we seem to be doing just that.

It's great to see.


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