Thursday, September 22, 2005


PANSY Watch - Sissy Socialists

As I continue PANSY (Pussies Agaisnt Nurturing Statehood Youth) Watch, I've found some more ridiculous comments, this time from the Socialist Workers Party website. Here are some notable excerpts from the piece:

"Once again Taoiseach Ahern says Ireland is playing no role in the Iraq war and there is no danger of London style attacks here. Yet the government claims Al Qaida cells exist in Ireland. Such is the threat; they claim they need to introduce similar draconian security measures to those planned in Britain. The government has signed a new treaty for enhanced co-operation with US intelligence services to monitor, arrest and interrogate "terrorist" suspects in Ireland. Both can't be true."

If 'both can't be true', where do you stand? You seem to take issue with Ahern saying there is no threat to Ireland's safety, yet at the same time you label the government's security measures as 'draconian'. You are being very vague here. Fancy that!

"In the first six months of 2005 153,381 US troops came through Shannon. This is double the number that went through last year. It is also roughly the number of US troops presently in Iraq. In January alone, 34,647 US troops went through, almost treble the monthly average going through in 2003 when the invasion began."

Go Ireland!

"The London and Madrid bombings show countries connected to the US led occupation of Iraq are potential targets."

Yeah it's all down to the Iraq war. Remember 9/11? Apparently that was down to the war in Iraq as well. Don't mention the timeline of events though!

"Ireland may not be a prime target but for Ahern to say there is no risk is a lie."

So what you're saying is, by denying the US access to Shannon airport we won't be at risk? What a bunch of pussies. They sicken me. Talk about cowardice!

"On September 24th at Shannon it is vital we join with the US and British anti-war movements to say no to war and no to collaboration with war."

You will be saying 'no' to the people who are fighting against the insurgents who murdered an Irish-born aid worker. The only 'war' now is against those who want to see democracy in Iraq fail.

You fools are siding with the insurgents, unwittingly or not. Realise that!


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