Wednesday, September 21, 2005


PANSY Watch - Pass the sick bag

Here's another big pile of excrement from Michael Youlton on the Irish (PANSY) Anti-War movement's site. It's about Iraq's political future in relation to the Iraqi constitution. Here are some notable excerpts from this pile of trash:

"Whether the Americans pulling the strings on this process will allow the law to be applied is another question. They may try to come up with a more creative method of getting their way."

More anti-American bashing. Here we have anti-American scaremongering in action. The 'American way' will be about letting Iraqis decide their own future. It's certainly alot better than Saddam's way.

"The U.N., which wants to print those copies, is pressuring the U.S. to allow parliament to vote on the constitution; so far, the Bush administration has refused - so much for democracy in the Middle East!"

As opposed to what? Saddams' democracy where he gets 100% of the vote? Stop spouting nonsense you bigots.

"What it all adds up to is a nightmare: an unfinished document where women's rights are in severe jeopardy, where Islamic law and theocracy is ascendant, where the Bush administration will have replaced a brutal dictator, at a cost of hundreds of thousands of lives, with a potentially equally brutal theocracy."

More stories to amuse the hip and peaceful kids, eh? This is all hearsay, hearsay, hearsay.

"Perhaps to some this represents "democracy" and "progress." But for true democracy to blossom in Iraq, it's clear that the process needs to start over -­with international help, and without American troops or "advisers" leading the way."

There is international help. The British are helping, the Australians, and lots of other brave nations...

"The Crusading Coalition has made a horrible mess of things."

Funny 'cos I've been under the impression that the murderer of thousands of Iraqi civilians, Saddam Hussein, was now in custody...

"Hard to see how things can now be put right. Stopping the war, stopping killing and arresting people, agreeing a ceasefire may be some of the steps that may have a chance of success."

More pandering to the civilian-murdering, insurgent scum! A ceasefire? Sit down for talks with Al-Zarqawi maybe? Put away the bong, guys...

"200- 300 people have been killed every single week over the past couple of months."

Oh don't omit the information! Do tell us - who is responsible for those killings? The insurgents or the Coalition forces? It is quite clearly the insurgents. Shame on the Irish Anti-War Movement for not acknowledging that.

"This is a situation of an embryonic civil war - and it doesn't take a nuclear physicist to figure out who is really responsible."

You protesters know that the insurgents are really responsible and yet you still place the blame on the Coalition forces. You're a disgrace.

"Saddam and his ilk must be happily chuckling in their holes these days."

As far as I'm aware, Saddam is in a cell not a hole. Had the Coalition forces not invaded Iraq, Saddam and his ilk would be chuckling away in a palace, perhaps thinking of new ways to torture Iraqi citizens.

The Iraqi people have been given a chance. A chance for freedom. What is your problem with that?


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