Friday, September 02, 2005


Fun Referrers

It's been a while since I've done this but there were a few amusing word combiantions typed into search engines recently to find this place which I thought were noteworthy.

"Guinness aftertaste"

Oh how I hate that aftertaste!

"hot irish girls"

Grrr. I should probably start posting some images of hot Irish girls to satisfy these people...

"Ray Darcy Rose of Tralee"

Ah now why would you type that into a search engine? That's just wasting Google's time...

"useless irish"

Huh? Probably looking for the 'Love Ulster' site I suspect.

"Sinn fein fansite"

Yeah, like that exists!

"hot irish girls"

Ah for feck's sake...

"dublin scangers"

Now you're talking!

"Men's clothes leprechaun gobshite feck"

I think I'll just have a bit of a lie down....


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