Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Scotland warned about high murder rate

Scotland has the second highest murder rate in western Europe, research on violence has claimed.

The study of 21 countries found Scots were three-times more likely to be killed than people in England or Wales

The World Health Organisation found that the Scottish homicide rate was 2.33 deaths per 100,000 people, compared with 0.7 in England and Wales.

Research from the UN last week suggested more than 2,000 people a week are attacked in Scotland - 10-times the official police figures.

Another study from the University of California, which will be published later this year, will claim Scotland has a higher homicide rate than America, Israel, Uzbekistan, Chile and Uruguay.

A spokesman for the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland said: "We have already accepted there is a problem with violent crime in Scotland.

"But we do take issue with these studies as we do not believe they are comparing like with like, they are not helping the debate we are having in Scotland right now."

Wow. I had no idea Scotland's problems with crime were so bad.

As far as I'm concerned, responsibility rests with the Scottish Executive. The buck stops with them. Judging by these figures it seems they are letting down the people of Scotland once again.


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