Thursday, September 29, 2005


Flood of immigrants sink jobs

Hmm. Seems like the extraordinary levels of immigration into this country isn't as glorious a thing as some Irish people would have us believe.

It's been revealed that Irish Ferries want to replace almost 550 staff with lower-paid workers from eastern Europe.

Not only that but the workers have until this weekend to accept or reject the redundancy package on offer and if they do not accept it, they face wage cuts, longer shifts and shorter holidays.

Anyone who opposes the new working conditions will be sacked with two weeks redundancy pay per year of service.

Gee, isn't all this immigration swell?

Remember how people in this country were treated like garbage when they expressed concerns that the expansion of the EU from 15 to 25 member states might prove damaging to Irish people and their jobs? Remember when Irish people wanted these issues discussed in the open in an adult fashion?

But no! We can't discuss issues like that! For if we do, we're being racist! And that is that!

Bollocks to that. I have no problem with immigrants coming into this country to work, indeed they provide an important service towards our economy, but it is clear that there needs to be stricter regulations on immigration levels as we're going way beyond our means right now.

I find it disgraceful that Irish Ferries (perhaps they should rename themselves 'Ferries') are treating their Irish staff in this despicable manner.

People like to bring up the 'R' word - 'Racism' - on issues like this. Well this is one instance in which racism should be brought up. Irish Ferries are being racist in their disgusting anti-Irish policies.

Shame on them.


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