Thursday, August 18, 2005


Thursday Thoughts: Anjem Choudary

I read with interest, courtesy of Slugger O'Toole, the words of Anjem Choudary who has stated Ireland is a "legitimate target" for attacks by Al-Qaeda.

Choudary, who has close links to the infamous hate preacher, Omar Bakri Mohammed, said the use of Shannon Airport as a stop-off for US warplanes justifies Ireland being attacked.

"If your government wants to support the atrocities in Afghanistan they can expect some repercussions," he said.

He said he was "not in the business" of condemning terrorist attacks in Britain and Ireland and added: "What you need to do is you need to be responsible and you need to look after your national security.

"If people slipped into Ireland from Iraq, Afghanistan or elsewhere, where the Irish are standing side by side with the butcher of Baghdad, George Bush, then they would have a legitimacy for that type of thing.

"That's not my personal opinion but your asking me what it says in the Koran," he said.

Yes, Choudary was referring to this passage from the Koran which is not very well known:

"And marines who pass through a neutral country's airport shall be deemed legitimate targets..."

In fact some say that not only is it not very well known, it's also complete BULLSHIT.

He continued:

"Obviously if Ireland is allowing their land to be used for planes to fly and to bomb Muslims, then those Muslims will obviously have a right to retaliate, it goes without saying."

He also criticises Irish Muslims, saying they've been "stripped of their Islamic personality through secular education. On the one hand they're not willing to speak up and on the other hand they're intimidated into being docile."

Choudary hailed the September 11 attacks as a "towering day in history" and hailed the hijackers as "magnificent martyrs".

Among the targets that the extremist believes are legitimate include hospitals, women and children.

"So this is the nature of war, people don't make love in war do they? They'll kill each other. If you fire a nuclear weapon they will fire a nuclear weapon back."

There you have it, the thoughts of an extremist nutcase who feels Iraq is better off without the Americans and Brits there. Let me just make some points on this guy:

- This guy is proof that you cannot reason with the extremists.

- Notice the religious references. 'Muslims' are being bombed, rather than 'Iraqis'. What about the 'Muslims' who were being slaughtered under Saddam?

- Notice the criticism of Irish muslims proving that any excuse will be trotted out to justify slaughtering OUR people.

- Notice the glorification of men who murdered thousands of innocents on 9/11.

- Hospitals, women and children are considered legitimate targets in his eyes.

- Observe the aggressive language used in the description of war.

Now that I've got those points out of the way I'll say this - If any person in this country thinks that this guy should be listened to and respected, as far as I'm concerned you are a disgrace to this country and to human decency as a whole.

This guy is scum. Not because of his religion, but because he's a hate-filled, bloodthirsty individual!

I've a question - why the hell is this guy being given TV time as well as having his name put in print by the Belfast Telegraph? The only statement he should be making is one to his lawyer from a prison cell.

This guy only strengthens my view that what the Americans and British are doing in Iraq is completely and absolutely just and noble, and that the people who advocate a withdrawal from Iraq so it can be left in the hands of people like this guy are IDIOTS.

This guy praises 9/11, a day which saw thousands of people die, including Irish people.

This guy praises the people who are responsible for the beheading of an innocent Irish-born aid worker.

This guy will not condemn any bombings done in Britain or Ireland which includes the London bombing which saw an Irish ciitzen among the dead.

And despite all that, this sorry excuse for a human being has the unbridled audacity to tell us to "be responsible" and to "look after our national security"? Is this guy for real?

Shame on any Irish person who would share this man's sentiments. The words of this person must be opposed by every man, woman and child in this country.

We will not be bullied by anybody!


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