Thursday, August 18, 2005


It doesn't add up

Well the Leaving Cert results are out this week but what I found most interesting was the very high failure rate in maths.

Exam results have shown that 12.5% of students who sat Ordinary Level maths failed to pass, as did 4.2% of students who sat the Higher Level paper

This is truly shocking. As far as I'm aware, and feel free to correct me on this if I'm wrong, but if you fail maths you will not be eligible for the majority of third level colleges in this country.

You could argue that those who failed Higher maths simply chose the wrong level and should have done Ordinary maths, but what about those who failed Ordinary Level?

Perhaps memories of my contempt for maths in my own school days are catching up with me, but I think maths is too difficult in this country. Too much emphasis on mumbo-jumbo garbage. I've yet to find myself relying on trigonometry in the real world I have to say. When I'm in the pub with my friends, discussions on vectors do not come up believe it or not.

It's time to cut through the bullshit. Instead, let's focus on the basics. We don't all dream of one day working for NASA...


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