Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Killers come forward

The Irish Examiner has reported that the teenage attackers who beat a father-of-two to death came forward and confessed yesterday.

Mr Lacey, a widower, was subjected to a savage beating by a group of youths on the driveway of his home in Leixlip, Co Kildare, late on Friday night.

The 51-year-old, described as a Good Samaritan, went to the aid of two young people who were fleeing the mob.

The attackers, mostly from Clondalkin, west Dublin, were aged in their mid to late teens.

Supt Mark Curran of Lucan Garda Station yesterday said they had identified all those responsible.

"We’re happy we’ve identified the culprits in this case. We’ve spoken to people who said they did it,” Supt Curran said.

He said a lot of those involved had come forward, most of them accompanied by an adult.

"A couple were very cooperative and made statements to us."

He said only a "small number" of the 10 attackers were involved in the assault.

I think the fact that the killers have come forward is to be welcomed but it shouldn't mean they get a more lenient sentence for this heinous crime. They need to be locked up for life. And life should mean life.

I feel Mr Lacey's brother Noel made an interesting point when he said his brother's death underlined why people don't go to help other people.

"On Friday night, I was reading an article on why people don’t go to other people’s assistance. It’s very obvious now why," he said.

I think this is a very valid point. I also think that's what makes this death all the more tragic. This poor man died trying to help out some innocent people. He died doing the right thing. He died as a hero.


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