Monday, August 15, 2005


Save Rising leader's refuge - An Taisce

The last refuge of the leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising should be converted into an interpretative centre before it becomes a ruin, it was claimed tonight.

National heritage watchdog An Taisce today set up a working group to save the future of dilapidated Number 16 Moore Street in Dublin where wounded rebel leaders wrote the surrender note which ended the rebellion against British rule.

An Taisce’s Antiquities and National Monuments Committee today called for urgent action on the issue at an emergency meeting in central Dublin to discuss the issue.

Committee spokesman Dominic Dunne said: “Half the slates on the building’s roof are missing and the elements are getting in.

"We believe that the site should be converted into an interpretative centre to honour it’s historical and cultural significance."

The house is owned by the Carlton Development Group, which had planned to develop a large site around Moore Street into a retail centre.

I must say I agree with An Taisce. The Rising was arguably the most pivotal moment in Irish history and for that reason alone, Number 16 Moore Street should be preserved.

We need to acknowledge our history. It's part of who we are.


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