Monday, August 08, 2005


Monday Madness-Ethnic cleansing

Loyalist paramilitaries behind a double pipe bomb attack in a Northern Ireland village planned to kill, police said today. A device exploded after being thrown at a house in Cloughmills, Co Antrim, early this morning, showering a living room with glass.

Less than an hour before the attack at Cypress Park, another bomb detonated under a van parked in nearby Rosemount.

No-one was injured, but detectives, who believe they were linked, blamed terrorists waging a sectarian campaign against Catholics for the violence.

Inspector Nick McCaw said: "We are treating the incident at the house as attempted murder.

"Anybody would have been badly injured, if not killed, if they had been in that room when the device exploded."

Sectarian tensions have heightened across north Antrim during the summer, with Catholic churches and pubs coming under attack.

As police warned people in Cloghmills to be alert for any undiscovered pipe bombs, Mr McKay hit out at the paramilitaries.

"I would appeal to nationalists and republicans in north Antrim to remain highly vigilant in the time ahead as it seems that unionist paramilitary gangs are intent on escalating their campaign," he added.

Sean Farren, a nationalist SDLP Assembly member for North Antrim, said he was disturbed by the attack.

He claimed: "Loyalist gangs are flexing their muscles all over North Antrim, most recently in a series of attacks on Catholic churches, but the use of pipe bombs may mean they are moving on to a new level of activity.

"Pipe bombs are made for one purpose only – to do murder."

I agree wholeheartedly with Mr Farren and I am absolutely disgusted at the actions of unionist paramilitaries. They are waging a campaign of ethnic cleansing and trying to drive out Catholics from the area. It turns my stomach. I would like to point out two things.

Firstly, we were all fed what can only now be described as complete and utter horseshit by unionsits that when the IRA made clear it would go down the route of peace that Loyalists would follow suit. This is clearly not the case. Unionist paramilitaries are not only at each other's throats, they're waging a war against innocent people purely because of their revulsion for Catholicism. This is a disgrace.

And secondly, why is it that Sinn Fein and the SDLP are the only ones speaking up about this? Where are the unionist politicians? Why aren't the unionist politicians condemning these actions which have been described by police as 'attempted murder'? Unionists instead are more concerned with focusing on three Irishmen who were using dodgy passports in a foreign country!

It's sickening. Shame on the Unionist parties who have kept silent and shame on the Unionist terrorists for their campaign of genocide.


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