Monday, August 01, 2005


A popularity contest

I seem to have irritated some Irish bloggers with my comments on The Top 100 Irish Blogs. For those unaware, it is a site launched by Michele Neylon to determine the most popular Irish blogs.

The catch? You have to register with his system and download a piece of code to your site that will keep track of page impressions and visitors.

I gave my opinions on the venture over at Janine Dalton's blog and Michele Neylon's blog also.

As far as I'm concerned, it's a bad idea. As I pointed out, if the bigger Irish blogs, like Slugger, decide against taking part then the whole thing will be a farce. Also, who says hits make a good blog?

I think the whole thing is one big ego trip for Irish bloggers. Why not just get SiteMeter and know yourself what hits you're getting? What purpose is there to compare and contrast with others? If you're up further in the list than blogs which aren't getting many hits, does that automatically make your blog better than those lower in the list? I don't think so. As Maura said over at Babblogue, "I wonder if the winner gets a tiara and a bouquet"?

Anyway now you know my thoughts on the matter. No doubt this post has left me quite unpopular amongst many Irish bloggers!


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