Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Top Ten Tuesday-Worst Entertainers

I see that people are being asked to vote for who they think is Ireland’s greatest living entertainer as part of the ESB/Rehab People of the Year Awards, which were launched today.

Stars of light entertainment, film, drama, music, TV, radio and comedy can all be nominated for the award. Votes can be cast

For this edition of Top Ten Tuesday however I thought it would be better to list the top ten worst living Irish entertainers. (actually I couldn't come up with ten good ones). So without further ado:

1. Ryan Tubrudy - In my view the worst and most annoying 'entertainer' that Ireland has. What really pisses me off about this guy is that an awful lot of Irish people appear to like him. How did he end up with a TV show? He's a muppet.

2. Brendan O'Carroll - It's people like him who give Irish people, and particularly Dubs, a bad name. He's about as funny as an ingrown toenail. Apparently in Ireland, to be regarded as a 'comedian', you must act like a common as muck Dublin stereotype. Pass the sick bag.
3. Shirley Temple Bar - This monstrosity presented Telly Bingo and still does I think. What a great idea by RTE! Have a transvestite read out bingo numbers at peak-time viewing when kids are at home watching! Perhaps RTE are trying to deter future generations from taking up bingo in their older years?
4. Marty Whelan - He annoys me alot. There's just something about him. (it's not charisma though)
5. Westlife - About as entertaining as gastroenteritis. Listening to one of their records will give me the effects of said illness.
6. Dara O'Briain - You may know him as presenter of 'The Panel'. He's a comedian (apparently) and has some show out now on the BBC. I just don't like this guy. It's his voice. And his stupid grin. And his jokes. And his personality and...
7. Fran Cosgrave - He only seems to get on British TV by virtue of being Irish. I can't stand people like him who milk Irishness for all it's worth. "Hi I'm Fran Cosgrave and I'm Irish", "I better show the oul' Irish charm", "stroke my clover", "begorrah" etc. Just shut up already.
8. Twink - Kind of like a female Brendan O'Carroll, acting like the stereotypical Dubliner one would hope to avoid on Moore Street. She's probably a nice woman but she's just not entertaining. Not at all.
9. Linda Martin - OK she won us the Eurovision once, but because of her association with that 'You're A Star' shite and the revived 'Lyrics Board', she must be regarded as terrible. 'Why Me?' was the winning song she sang at the Eurovision. Watching her on TV I can't help but feel, 'why us?'
10. Caroline Morahan - Who's that, you ask? You will find a picture of her here and she currently presents 'Chance To Dance' on RTE. A good looking girl but the brains and the talent just ain't there sadly.

So there you have it. Feel free to comment on my choices or to offer your own. I've not included many in the music industry and I notice I've no one from the film industry so I'm sure you can think of a few annoying Irish people that I've left out.


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