Thursday, June 16, 2005


Thursday Thoughts: Bloomsday

Happy Bloomsday to everyone at United Irelander! Today is the day one celebrates the life of arguably the greatest Irish writer of all time, James Joyce. His novel Ulysses is also celebrated on this day. Can we make more of this day though? Can we make it a day when we celebrate Dublin and Dublin city's culture?

James Joyce is synonymous with Dublin. The novel Ullyses is set on one day, June 16th, in Dublin. Not only that but another one of his most famous works is the book Dubliners, which contains many short stories, most notably The Dead.

Dublin is a city thriving with culture. It's the capital city of the Irish nation and yet there is not a holiday or system of celebrations in place for Dubliners. Dublin seems to lack the camaraderie that is evident in other Irish counties. Therefore it would be wonderful to make June 16th a celebration for Dubliners and the city of Dublin!

Ireland is in desperate need of more public holidays as we are well behind other EU countries who have far more. I say we make June 16th a celebration for Dublin culture. We can allow other Irish counties to join in and if they choose not to, who cares!

As far as I'm concerned today is a day when I will focus less on my Irishness and more on how lucky I am to be a Dubliner born and bred. It's blue blood running through my veins today and I intend to spend today reJoyceing (see what I did there?) at the fact that I was lucky enough to be born in the greatest city on earth!

Báile Átha Cliath go Bragh!


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