Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Our Wee Country answers...sort of

I'm pleased to see a speedy response to my earlier post which followed up on the bigotry of this article on the front page of Our Wee Country. I called on the readers of OWC to take a stand and do something about the article and the response was...not great. Read it for yourself here.

'spadetownboy' rolls his eye at my request. (great attitude towards sectarianism, eh?)

And Ricardo, who I have been debating with of late, states I'm 'no intellectual heavyweight' which is quite funny since I think it's fair to say that I came across better than him in our exchanges(I'll let those who have read them decide for themselves).

Ricardo thinks I'm deliberately trying to get a reaction. What gave you that idea? The fact that I asked readers of OWC to give a reaction? And this is the guy who claims I'm no intellectual heavyweight!

Ricardo then states he "won't be biting". Um, didn't you bite by virtue of responding to the thread in question? It's just that your response was not very helpful at all but as someone who defended the disgraceful article, I'm not surprised at your lousy reaction.

Let's see what the reaction is by other OWC readers to blatant sectarianism...


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