Thursday, June 09, 2005


Yobs Have Rights You Know! Apparently...

Young people are being called to action to protest over Michael McDowell's proposals for anti-social behaviour orders.

A march will take place in Dublin on Saturday from Parnell Square to oppose ASBOs, which have been labelled as a "clampdown on civil liberties" by youth groups.

Hazel Nolan of the Union of Secondary Students says ASBOs are a complete abortion of natural justice.

"This is not going to stop anti-social behaviour at all," she says."You have to look to the root of the cause, to try and combat what it really is, and we need more investment in the youth sector.''


Investment my arse! These yobs think they can terrorise communities and it's about time we the people of Ireland hit back and told them where to go! The elderly people of this country in particular are very frightened by these thugs and it's time something was done. Mr McDowell is, to his credit, doing something. A spell in the Army wouldn't hurt these young hoodlums either...


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