Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Finally OWC tackles the issue...

Well it took a while but finally the key issue of the bigoted hate-filled article on Our Wee Country by 'Owen' (which can be viewed here) has been addressed on the site's forum (which can be seen here). While my polite attempts to get the issue of the article raised were met with disdain and insults, someone called "jacktheripper" who had this to say in response to 'Ricardo' who claimed I was "no intellectual heavyweight" :

"Neither it would appear is Owen, with his comments about Roy Keane being a gypsy, or as he calls it 'gipsy' and his stereotypical claims about drive tarmaccers.

"I actually cringed when I heard that and this united Irelander character has a valid point when he objects to these commenets."

Hear, hear! Finally someone over there acknowledges what I and several others have acknowledged on United Irelander and Slugger O'Toole, namely that the article is out of order. Another individual called "EZPZ" had this to say:


"Your points re Keane are in fact scurriulous and racist and could be perceived as incitement to hatred. You can dislike Keane to your hearts content but to throw 'traveller' related insults at him in public forum shows you up rather than any points you were trying to make re Keane.

"If that's the best you can do in satirising individual you don't like you're not exactly an intellectual heavyweight are you?"

Well said EZPZ! Incidentally, for those who are unaware of the comments in question, here are the comments mentioned in relation to the traveller community:

"Our purportedly "local" broadcasters set aside a full week of news time to cover the foul-mouthed outbursts and bad-tempered brawlings of one of Cork’s travelling community" (referring to Roy Keane)

"In all fairness being a psychotic gipsy can be a serious problem for a person. Roy was also probably concerned about his family. I’m told it’s been a tough few years for itinerant driveway tarmaccers"

As you can see, both Keane and his family come under attack with comments that contain slurs at the traveller community. Indeed, if one goes to the Our Wee Country forum which I linked to above and reads the final few pages, they will come across an extraordinary amount of hate and bile directed against Keane and to make matters worse, even his family come under fire AGAIN by, yep you guessed it, 'Owen' - the bloke who wrote the article in question. Here's what he says:

"Keane is a scumbag and from all accounts comes from a scumbag family. That's fairly well documented and widely known from people who live in that area."

These comments are bang out of order and where is it documented ('Owen' says it's 'well documented') that Keane comes from a "scumbag family"? From reports on RTE during the whole Keane/McCarthy furore, if any place was loyal to Keane above all others, it was his local area in Cork. Many of the neighbours that were interviewed I recall were in support of him.

The Our Wee Country Site, which has the temerity to term itself 'inclusive', is far from it in reality judging by that article by 'Owen' as it promotes hate and bigotry towards travellers and towards the ROI team and their supporters. I am heartened however that some people on Our Wee Country have the sense and common deceny to challenge this abomination of an article. Well done to the two individuals who spoke out. I note they have encountered criticisms for doing so. They have my respect however. Well done to them.


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