Monday, June 27, 2005


IRA must make bold move - Blair

Any move from the IRA will have to be bold if unionists are to be convinced it is credible, Prime Minister Tony Blair has said. (hat-tip Slugger)

Mr Blair said the group must recognise this as a "one off opportunity".

He said if the IRA passed the "credibility threshold", the obligation would pass to unionists to drop their objections to power sharing.

Mr Blair and Bertie Ahern are meeting in Downing Street to review the political and security situation.


It seems like the usual claptrap from Tony Blair but what I find most interesting is Blair's comments that if the IRA makes such a bold move, the obligation passes to unionists to drop their objections to power sharing. This is very interesting from Mr Blair. If I was a Unionist I wouldn't like that comment one bit!

And what if the Provos were to make such a move and Unionists maintained their objections to power sharing? Would other avenues be explored? Dare I say, joint authority maybe?

Interesting comments indeed...


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