Friday, June 24, 2005


United Irelander Responds

Some of you may be aware of this interesting thread going on over at Slugger in which myself and a few other Slugger contributors have been taking the NI football fansite Our Wee Country (which I've mentioned before) to task on the bigotry contained in this article by an individual called 'Owen'.

If you read the thread on Slugger you will see times when I have had to stand up to these OWC defenders all by myself, though it's nice to see other Slugger contributors backing me up on my opposition to this horrid article which OWC members regard as "humorous".

I've noticed an increase in visitors to the site in recent days which can be attributed to this thread on Our Wee Country's forums which has a right go at me! I thought I would respond to the latest OWC poster "bananaman" and his comments towards me on the third page.

"That thread is unbelieveable!

"He has contradicted himself so many times over flags, anthems and bigotry it's laughable."

Where did I contradict myself? Anybody know? If anyone has found something contradictory and wishes to raise the issue with me I'll gladly answer them.

"Fantastic job on exposing his hatred of all things Northern Irish and his real agenda."

My real agenda is making this island a better place. And it's laughable to claim my hatred on things "Northern Irish" has been "exposed"! When have I made a secret of my hatred for things "Northern Irish"? Indeed, if I'm not mistaken, one of my Top Ten Tuesday lists many months ago contained a list of things about "Northern Ireland" that I hated - Orange Order, no go areas etc. Things like that.

"It really is hard to believe people like this actually exist. It's Orwellian doublethink made flesh. Stalin would be proud."

Dear oh dear! A Stalin reference! Ah sure why not?! Stalin exterminated millions of people in his homeland, I oppose a bigoted article on a NI fansite. Why, we're practically one and the same!

"It is great to see people like this confronted and cornered."

Yeah you guys love to corner people with your numbers. Sadly for you, I'm more than willing to answer back when I'm good and ready.

"A lot of time and effort seem to have gone in by people to ensure his warped views don't get to air unchallenged."

Warped views? Is that what nationalists have? Is it warped to question why a NI football fansite which claims to be inclusive, has an article on its front page which contains bigoted remarks against the ROI team and its supporters? Incidentally, one OWC member admitted the article could be off-putting to nationalists if you read the Slugger thread. Sorry, "bananaman" but your post is one great big banana skin!

OK, I've said my response. Oppose me all you want but can you not also oppose the bigoted article that contains unnecessary remarks against ROI fans and which contains disgraceful remarks against the traveller community?


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