Saturday, June 25, 2005


UI's Celtic Mythology - Blathnat

I thought I would bring back this section on United Irelander which had a short-lived stint on United Irelander a few months ago before I took some time away from blogging. I would like to give my blog a more Irish feel in terms of culture and since my knowledge of the language is not great, I feel that writing about Irish mythology is a better idea. Incidentally, everything I write will be taken from "Celtic Mythology" by Arthur Cotteril which I wholeheartedly recommend. Today I will talk about Blathnat.


Blathnat was the wife of King Cu Roi of Munster. She fell in love with Cuchulainn, the great Ulster hero and enemy of Cu Roi, and betrayed her husband's people by showing the hero how he could enter her husband's apparently impregnable fortress. A stream flowed through the fort and when Blathnat poured milk into the water, Cuchulainn was able to follow its course. In the fierce battle that followed Cu Roi was killed and Cuchulainn was able to ride off with Blathnat. He also took with him Cu Roi's bard, Fer Cherdne.
When the party halted on a cliff top, however, Fer Cherdne took the opportunity to avenge his former master's death by grabbing hold of Blathnat and jumping over the edge with her in his arms.

So now you know about Blathnat, wife of King Cu Roi of Munster.


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