Friday, June 24, 2005


Friday Fun-News in Brief

Sinn Féin’s Caoimghghin "My name is really hard to spell" O Caolain and other Sinn Fein party members met in Dublin today to plot the party’s campaign for the forthcoming General Election.
"We’re preparing our constituencies where a number of priority candidates have been selected. We’re ready for the fight," he said.

Indeed they are ready. A shipment of petrol bombs and AK-47s has been sent down already and O' Caolain proclaimed: "Bring it on you Green party pussies"! (note-may not be true)

This was also the week in which US President George W. Bush
underlined his support for a strong EU.

Bush said the US "continues to support a strong European Union as a partner in spreading freedom and democracy and security and prosperity throughout the world".

Nice words. Of course Bush won't reveal the real reason why he wants to see a strong and united Europe - he won't have to worry so much about remembering the names of all those damn European countries.

And finally it's been revealed that Jennifer Lopez is designing a range of jewellery - for dogs.

An insider said: "Jennifer just got creative and wanted to extend the range of jewels for animals. She has always found it somewhat frustrating that there are limited accessories available for them."

Jennifer Lopez, catering to those she can really relate to the most - bitches.


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