Friday, June 17, 2005


Ahern believes in the constitution

Taoiseach Bertie "Thank you France and Germany may I have another" Ahern has said he is confident the EU constitution can be saved despite the overwhelming rejection of the constitution by French and Dutch voters.

Speaking in Brussels this morning, Ahern said it was now up to individual governments to convince their people about the merits of the constitution.

European Union leaders have extended the November 2006 deadline for ratifying the EU constitution, seeking to salvage the treaty by arguing a period of reflection was needed following its rejection in French and Dutch referenda.

Luxembourg, which currently holds the EU presidency, said the removal of the November 2006 ratification deadline would allow for more explanation and debate and insisted the ratification process would go ahead.


Period of reflection my hole. "Period of reflection" is one of those buzzwords politicians like to use when their attempts at having things their way have been thwarted. It is sickening to have to observe these fascist phonies bastardising democracy whenever it suits them. The people in France and Holland have said they don't want the constitution and yet the EU pushes ahead with the "ratification process". They have mapped out the future the way they see it without even consulting with the people. It's a travesty.

Ahern says it's up to individual governments to convince their people of the merits of the constitution. Surely it's up to individual governments to explain why they refuse to listen to the opinions of nation-states and why they are pushing ahead with a constitution that we were originally told would require unanimous support?

I mean, what the hell is going on?


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