Friday, June 17, 2005


What have I been saying?

Loyalists have attacked a Catholic home in north Belfast ahead of a contentious Orange Order march in the area this evening.

Ardoyne resident Joseph McBride said the attackers threw a garden ornament through the window of his house early this morning and shouted "up the UVF" as they sped away from the scene.

The attack came ahead of the annual Tour of the North parade, part of which is due to pass through the nationalist Ardoyne area.


Numerous times on United Irelander I have spoken out against the danger of the Orange Order and the hate and contempt it incites in people. Recently I was told by a contributor that the Orange Order are a "calming influence" and that they are a benefit to society!

Well to that contributor and people like him I will simply ask that they read the news and observe incidents just like this one. I doubt the family involved look on the Orange Order marches as a "calming influence". It's high time the Orange Order disbanded for the good of society!


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