Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Respect Where It's Due

Did you see George Galloway defending himself against accusations made against him by the US Senate? Regardless of what you think of the man he deserves credit for standing up to them. It takes balls to stand up to such accusations and I think he defended himself very well indeed. It was amusing when the subject of "illegality" came up and Mr. Galloway would bring up the "illegal war" in Iraq. Also when the Senate alleged he had many meetings with Saddam and Galloway responded that he met Saddam the same number of times as Donald Rumsfeld had but that Rumsfeld met Saddam to sell him guns!

I also caught his performance on the BBC against Jeremy Paxman after his election win. Galloway should provide much entertainment in British politics. It will be interesting to hear from him in the House of Commons when he squares up against Tony Blair though I see there is controversy surrounding that due to Mr. Galloway not taking the required oath of allegiance to the queen!

It's too bad that politicians in the Republic are such a dull bunch...


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