Monday, May 16, 2005


Election Fallout

Well the people in Ireland's north have had their say and the results have confirmed what many of us had feared - most Irish nationalists in the north are idiots.

Let me first say something about the Unionist side of things. As we all know, Trimble has packed his bags and left the political arena in the North. I won't shed any tears for Davy as I'm not happy about some of the comments he made about the Irish Republic in the past but he did make some brave decisions during his time as UUP leader and I believe history will judge him well. The UUP were clearly decimated though and it will be interesting to see what steps they take to recover.

The DUP are undisputed kings of the red, white and blue tribe now. Unionists have decided that the best way forward for the two communities is to pledge their support to a man who spent most of his life criticising the other community. Hmm. It must be said that the DUP are in a pretty sweet position and whatever happens from now on they will be the happiest party.

Thankfully the SDLP were not decimated in the way the UUP were. I see not all nationalists in the North are idiots and Mark Durkan will lead his party for the forseeable future it would appear. I'm disappointed that he has played down talk of a merger between the SDLP and Fianna Fail. It is still the right move to make for the SDLP in my opinion.

And now to the kings ( perhaps I shouldn't use that word) of the green, white and orange tribe. Yes, the IRA...oops I mean Sinn Fein, managed to retain their position as the leaders of the nationalist community despite the fact they have NO solid plans for Irish unity, despite the fact they refused to support the McCartney family in their quest to attain justice for their brother murdered by the IRA, despite the fact they carried out the Northern Bank robbery and despite the fact they remain inextricably linked to the Provisional IRA. Yes, the nationalist community in all their idiocy have endorsed a party which has not got a hope of delivering anything that nationalists want.

I have this message to those nationalists who endorsed Sinn Fein - Congratulations! You have ensured Direct Rule for the North for the forseeable future! You have made sure that the IRA remain in the political equation in Irish politics! You have secured for yourselves a wonderful green paper on Irish unity! And you have ensured that the border has been strenghtened and made the possibility for Irish reunification even more remote!

Political extremists have been endorsed. Tribal politics has been endorsed. And the border which divides Ireland north and south has been endorsed. Congratulations indeed.


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