Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Important Questions

Following on from my earlier post, the IMC today issued their latest report and part of that report involved important questions for Sinn Fein by the Commission.

The commission asked: "How does Sinn Féin now view the claim made by PIRA (the Provisional IRA) to be the lawful government and representative of the people of Ireland, north and south?

"Does the party seek power in Ireland, north and south, using paramilitary muscle to back its participation in the political process?

"Does it ultimately intend to participate fully in democratic politics, and to observe all the standards that requires, but to reach that position maintaining for the time being some form of slimmed-down military capability?

"Or is it now ready to ensure that PIRA ends all forms of illegal activity and to engage wholeheartedly in democratic politics and in policing?"

I think these are very important questions for Sinn Fein and we the people of Ireland deserve to have answers.


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