Saturday, May 21, 2005


A Greek Tragedy

Just watched the Eurovision, or as I like to call it the Eastern European backslapping contest, and it has been yet again an absolute joke. The voting system is just farcical. When it gets to the stage where I find myself rooting for the United Kingdom, something is very wrong! I was actually delighted to see Ireland give the UK 8 points. Dana gave the points and declared Ireland was the "spiritual home of the Eurovision". Well, if you're watching Dana the words "spiritual" and "Eurovision" always have a chance of coming up. Greece won quite easily in the end with a song that I can only describe as sounding like it was forged in the depths of Hades.

The public simply shouldn't be allowed to vote for the winners but people are making money from this system so it shall stay. I propose that Ireland and some other Western European countries like the UK leave and set up our own competition! The Eurovision has become too absurd at this point! My anti-European sentiments are running very high right now!


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