Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Border? What border?

Recently Gearoid O Caireallain urged a form of civic action in which Nationalists would drop the N from N Ireland when addressing letters. (hat-tip Slugger) I liked the closing lines of his article:

"A letter sent to someone in Newry, Co Down, Ireland will get there without fail, and without delay. So come on, let's forget about partition, no more N-word. We all live in Ireland."

I support Mr O Caireallain 100 per cent on this and his logic is similar to the logic I have espoused for many months on United Irelander. The fact is, the purpose of the border is to put into the minds of people north and south that they are somehow different. This, we nationalists know, is nothing but nonsense. We are all the same - we are all Irish. As I've said before, in order for us to have a United Ireland without the border we must have a United Ireland with the border. This means we ignore the border's purpose, which is to separate us, and we get on with our lives as compatriots.

We need more ideas like this one as far as I'm concerned. Can anyone think of other ways we in Ireland can stick two fingers up at the disgraceful border which promotes a culture of hate and sectarianism?


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