Monday, May 23, 2005


Monday Madness-EU Constitution

On May 29th the French will vote in a referendum on the European Union's constitution, a constitution that will pave the way for an EU Superstate, and latest polls show it is very tight. A voter survey published in the Liberation daily showed the "No" camp with a narrow 52-48% lead, however 20 per cent of respondents said they could change their minds and nine per cent didn't respond.

I would be quite surprised if the French reject this constitution. It gives the French, along with the Germans, a significant degree of influence on EU affairs at the expense of countries like Ireland. My gut feeling tells me that the French will endorse this constitution and that the fight agaisnt the bureaucratic dictators will continue. Irish people observing these events must ask themselves these key questions...

Do we want an EU Superstate? No we don't.

Do we want the French and the Germans dictating how we live our lives? No we don't.

Do we want to lose our voting strength in the EU? No we don't.

Do we want our percentage of the vote in the Council of Ministers reduced? No we don't.

Do we want to lose our automatic right to a commissioner? No we don't.

Do we want to spit on what the founding fathers of this state fought for? No we don't.

Do we want to piss our sovereignty away? You bet your arse we don't!

Hopefully the French will vote non to the EU Constitution but if they don't, get ready to tell Europe and its constitution - Ni doigh liom e!


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