Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Top Ten Tuesday-Why I Hate the EU

Since this is the week in which the French will vote on the EU constitution, I thought I would outline the top ten reasons why I hate the European Union. So without further ado:

1. They tell us what to do - The point of sovereignty is that we dictate how we run our lives, not anybody else. If the EU constitution is endorsed, we will lose our sovereignty for good.
2. They have the final say - If the EU proposes something and the Irish government objects, who wins out? Answer - the EU. This will be especially true if the constitution is passed.
3. European Nationalism - The EU constitution paves the way for an EU Superstate. I don't want this. I am not a European, I am an Irishman. Spaniards and Lithuanians will never be my compatriots.
4. They know nothing of our heritage - These foreigners know nothing about what it is to be Irish. The people I want representing me are people who know my country's history and its customs and traditions.
5. It will destroy the prospect of Irish Unity - The growth of European nationalism is a threat to Irish nationalism. History has shown that outside interference will not solve the Irish problem. The growth of European culture is a threat to the already declining Irish culture.
6. It is unfair - The EU is dominated by the French and the Germans. This will be especially true if the constitution passes. This is not right and is not fair and does not represent what the EU ought to be - a union of equals.
7. There is no European Culture - Anthems and flags and the hope of an EU Superstate ignore the reality that there is no European Culture. If there is one, Irishness is not a part of it. The fact is, we don't need any constitution.
8. Goes against our history - The founding fathers of this state would be disgusted at the efforts by recent Irish governments to shove us into another unfair and discriminatory union. It flies in the face of our history.
9. Could destroy our culture in 100 years - Supposing the constitution does pass, where do you see Ireland in 100 years? The likelihood is that it won't exist and that we will be left with a European State in which Irishness exists only through sport and other pastimes.
10. We are closer to America and Britain - Our cultural ties are with America and Britain and not France, Germany and the rest. The European countries will never look after our interests as they do not understand us.

So there you have it. Feel free to comment on my choices or to offer your own. And remember - say no to Europe!


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