Thursday, May 19, 2005


Govt Develops Battle of Boyne Site

The Government is to spend another €15m developing the Battle of the Boyne site in Co Meath.

This will bring the taxpayers spend on the project to over €30m over the next three years. The battle site in Drogheda was the scene of William of Orange's victory over King James.

In the wake of the Good Friday Agreement the Government decided to purchase the site and develop it as a symbol of modern Ireland in mutual respect and reconciliation and modern understanding between the two religious traditions.

The Government spent €15m euro acquiring the site and will now spend another €15m developing a visitor and exhibition centre, as well as new walkways and a peace garden.

I think this is great news and I'm very impressed with the Government's decision to do this. It is this kind of respect and tolerance for the Unionist tradition that I'm sure Unionists appreciate. It begs the question - would such a thing have been done if Sinn Fein were in power in the Irish Republic? The answer is obvious - not a chance.


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