Thursday, May 19, 2005


Thursday Thoughts: RIP GFA?

It is looking increasingly likely that the Good Friday Agreement is finished. DUP leader Ian Paisley seems to think so as today he has called for a "new beginning" and has declared the Agreement, which the people north and south voted for, is now dead.

"I think it should be given a reasonable burial," he told reporters.

He went on to rule out power sharing with Sinn Fein.

While Paisley and his cronies have been trying for years to deliver a hammer blow to the Good Friday Agreement it is clear that the final blow has been delivered by the nationalists in Ireland's north who endorsed the Provisional IRA and its political wing Sinn Fein. Unionists do not want the IRA in the political equation in the North. When are nationalists in the North going to realise that most Irish people don't want the balaclava wearing gangsters in politics?
Nationalists in the North have proven that they are too naive and too idiotic to take the necessary steps to reunite this island. They turned a blind eye when the IRA robbed the Northern Bank, they turned a blind eye when the IRA murdered an innocent nationalist civilian outside of a Belfast pub, and they turned a blind eye when the McCartneys were being denied help by Sinn Fein and some die-hard Republicans (or scumbags as I like to call them) even went as far as to threaten the McCartney family.

Direct Rule is here to stay and the GFA looks like it is dead and buried. We in the Republic made some significant changes for that GFA. We even changed our constituion but Sinn Fein/IRA have refused to take the necessary steps and northern nationalists have refused to condemn them for it.
Trimble paid the price for supporting the GFA and now so will the rest of us thanks to inactivity by the Provos and thanks to the support of these criminals by northern nationalists. For shame.


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