Friday, May 20, 2005


Ahern Rejects GFA Review

The Good Friday Agreement has already been reviewed and must not be renegotiated, the Taoiseach said today.

"We've had the review and the review is finished," Mr Ahern said after attending the seventh British-Irish Council summit on the Isle of Man today.

He added: "We respect the good relationships we have built with Unionism, but the basis for moving forward is with the Good Friday Agreement."

He said altering the agreement now was "not a possibility".

Clearly the Taoiseach must defend the Agreement as best he can but you have to wonder if Mr Blair is on the same page as Mr Ahern. Paisley would appear to be of the opinion that they are on different wavelengths judging by his comments outside Downing Street yesterday. Ahern no doubt is crossing his fingers with regard to the upcoming IRA statement in response to Adams' call for them to embrace democratic methods. If the IRA fail to deliver, Unionists will lose even more respect for Mr Ahern.


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