Friday, May 20, 2005


Laying Down The Law

Even though I've only been back in the blogseat for a few days I have noticed some hostile and inflammatory posts which have been personal in nature and designed to wind me up. I will not be putting up with this. If people wish to criticise me then they are welcome to. I welcome criticism as long as it is said in a way that is not vulgar or crass. Vulgar language directed at me will not be tolerated. I do not want to use United Irelander to engage in flame wars. Therefore I have decided to go down the Slugger O'Toole route since Mick Fealty is basically the Yoda of us Irish bloggers. Since I don't like to ban outright unless it's absolutely necessary, I will be employing his yellow card/red card rule. You get one warning and after that, you'll be banned. People have visited UI for several months and it's a shame that one or two bad eggs have forced me into this way of thinking but as Chris over at Balrog advised me, I shouldn't put up with this sort of thing. So, things that won't be tolerated:

- Vulgar language directed at me or any other individual
- Deliberate and continuous attempts to take a thread off-topic
- Deliberate and continuous attempts to wind me up or "shit stir".
- 'Playing the man and not the ball'

I may add to this list if I see fit. Consider this a rulebook of sorts for fair play and tolerance on this blog. Most people here who visit do not need to be told this but in case some people do, here it is. All I ask is that people conduct their argument in a respectful fashion rather than dragging the place down with unnecessary comments.

Thank you.


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