Thursday, March 03, 2005


Thursday Thoughts:A New Mandate

I have written alot in recent weeks and months about the reactions felt by democrats on this island to Sinn Fein criminality.I have also pointed out the irony in that Sinn Fein have been successful in uniting Ireland - they've united Ireland against themselves.The fact remains though, as Sinn Fein are quick to remind us, that they have a mandate from the people.It is wrong therefore, Sinn Fein argue, to exclude them from the peace process as this would disrespect their mandate.This leaves the other democratic parties on the island with a problem.The problem is that the peace process must be put on hold due to Sinn Fein's actions.Everyone suffers due to the actions of one.
This can be seen in the snub delivered to the other parties by the US government.No one seems to have a solution.It seems Bertie's solution is to once again continue talks with Sinn Fein.
Permit me to offer an alternative one, though - a new mandate, one for peace.

Think about it.Sinn Fein argues it is wrong to exclude them as they have a mandate from the people, but what if the two governments held a referendum throughout the island, just like the GFA, which would contain harsh anti-terrorist measures and allowed for the suspension of parties involved in criminal activity?If such a situation were to take place and the people supported it, which they almost certainly would, then Sinn Fein could have no complaints as it would not be an affront to democracy to suspend them.On the contrary, democracy would require that they be suspended.

This referendum could include the formation of an all-Ireland intelligence service which would crack down on cross-border crime.It could contain provisions for increased all-Ireland cooperation.Could Sinn Fein, a nationalist party(apparently), oppose these measures?

Sinn Fein are clinging to the armalite and the ballot box.They won't relinquish either one.This cannot be tolerated on either side of the border any more.The time has come to move on without them if they will not make the moves towards democracy.Fighting the armalite and the ballot box strategy with force will not work as violence plays into republican hands.No, the way to fight the armalite and the ballot box strategy is through the ballot box alone.
The IRA do NOT have a mandate.It is time for the people of this island to show the IRA that.It is time for a new mandate.


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